Phil Schiller to be questioned by Samsung in post-trial deposition

Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, will be questioned by Samsung in a post-trial deposition.

It was revealed today that Samsung will be allowed a 3-hour period to query Schiller on matters associated with Apple’s requests to ban some of Samsung’s products (which were found by a jury to be in violation of Apple’s patents.)

Samsung claims that Schiller has made comments that were “in conflict with his testimony at trial”, or were simply “new” and in need of clarification. Apple’s own request to depose 4 expert witnesses was granted by the court on Monday, and Samsung’s counter motion to question 3 witnesses has been granted today.

The court GRANTS Apple’s motion for leave to file a reply and also considers Samsung’s opposition to that motion. Having considered the numerous papers presented, the court GRANTS Apple’s underlying motion and also orders Apple to produce its experts for Samsung to depose.

On Tuesday, Apple suggested that Schiller was not an “expert witness”, and should therefore be exempt from deposition proceedings, but the Judge – Judge Paul S. Grewal – didn’t agree, and has ordered that Schiller be present for 3 hours of questioning before November 5th, 2012.

I’m no expert on the legal system, but I imagine this as a couple of Samsung execs playing “Good cop / bad cop” with one of those really intense interrogation lamps, while Schiller just keeps talking about how magical and revolutionary it was to block Samsung’s products from being sold in certain markets and take $1 billion out of their pockets.

Do you agree that Schiller is not an “expert witness”, or do you think (as Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing) he has more expertise than Apple would like the court to believe on the matter? Let us know in the comments!

Via: AppleInsider

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