Path to make its way onto iPad in the near future

If you’re a fan of the popular mobile social networking site Path, then some good news is headed your way, because soon, your iPad will be getting some Path love, with some cool iPad-exclusive features.

Aside from the fact that you see more stuff on the bigger screen, which is a given, really, you will also be able to view a whole day on one screen, and check ins and arrival moments on a single map for each day, as well as all the features that made the social network so popular on the iPhone when it was released back in June 2011.

Other, more minor features include the ability to see your home feed and your friends list, along with being able to view a friend’s Path with one tap.

As of yet, no word has been said on the release date of the iPad app, but expect it to arrive very soon.


Via: AppAdvice

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