Otterbox Defender Series for iPad mini – Unboxing Video and Gallery [VID]

Cam unboxes and has a go at applying the Otterbox Defender series case for iPad mini (without looking at the instructions). The case will set you back $69.95 (£45 UK) but offers superb protection and is available in a choice of three color schemes.

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  • LeeJH

    Hi Cam, does this case make the iPad Mini feel very bulky and heavy? I’m looking for a case that offers good protection for my daughter, but I don’t want it to add too much bulk or weight either.

  • TiP_Cam

    @LeeJH Hey Lee, I just finished up writing the review. It’s going live today. Ester (3) had no issue with its size or weight. And considering the protection it offers, it’s not that heavy at all. I found it very comfortable to hold, even for long periods like late-night sessions of Need for Speed. ;-)