olloclip lenses for iPhone 5 shipping the “end of November”

Calling all iPhoneographers who purchased the iPhone 5, look at this. When I first read the name “ōlloclip” I thought it was some case company, as usual. But wow, was I wrong. What this company actually does is make a camera lens attachment for the iPhone; and it is coming out with iPhone 5 versions soon. These iPhone lenses come in a 3-in-one style: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, and Macro, and are being released at the end of November, but you can order it now.

I’m really tempted to get these. I love taking pictures with my iPhone, as it is a great camera (as Stephen expressed). With iPhone photography becoming increasingly popular, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these become successful. However they do have a steep price point at $69.99. If any of you get these though, tweet me a picture you take with it @TiP_Kyle.

What do you think? Are you ordering one? Too expensive? Let us know in the comments.


Via: ōlloclip

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  • PBX

    These are quite expensive. But the quality is drastically different between a dlsr and a camera on a phone. Even if it’s an iPhone.

  • These sellers then have to combat the issues that arise from diluting their brand, do they retain a device case focus? Or do they become a mediocre version of Firebox?