Nokia launches friendly anti-iPhone advertising initiative ‘Switch comics’

Advertising is incredibly important when it comes to business, in fact, it’s probably one of the most important tools available to corporations trying to sell there products. Personally, I feel that Apple’s sleek, minimalist, to-the-point advertisements are some of the best around.

Now, I’ve always been a little critical of companies that advertise their own products by “attacking” the weaknesses of other possible devices on the market. Most notably, some of you may remember that I criticised Nokia’s “The iPhone isn’t yellow therefore it is inferior” campaign a few weeks back. Today however, Nokia has launched a new advertising initiative called Switch comics. Essentially, it’s a very small comic strip designed to highlight the benefits of using a Nokia phone, from the first issue, it looks like there’ll be some sly digs at Apple along the way. However this actually made me laugh, and I can see that this is just a bit of harmless fun designed to show off some of the cooler features of Nokia’s phones. Nothing wrong with this whatsoever.

Hopefully, the strips that follow are of the same jovial and harmless nature as this. I know for sure that I won’t be getting riled up about this advertising campaign any time soon.


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  • RaduTanasescu

    Classic example of “their product sucks more then ours”. I see this every day with the politicians in my country. They can’t say something good about themselves, if accused of corruption, for example, they will say that the opposing party is corrupt, without actually confronting the accusation.Nokia’s “Beta phone” campaign was sort of like that. So are these comics.I don’t care that the iPhones screen doesn’t react to gloves (actually the iPhones 5 might work just fine), I want to know why your device is good.

  • theorogelio

    Friend, good article but you should edit for syntax errors.

  • JoshuaTewell

    @RaduTanasescu It’s only a problem if the only thing they ever say is bashing others, but Nokia is pretty good about telling you what they are good at.  I see this particular example not like “their product sucks more thAn ours”, but rather more like “This is a feature that we have AND they don’t have”