New patent shows alternate uses for iOS device’s packaging

This is just, interesting. In a good way. A new patent discovered by Patently Apple shows that the Cupertino company may not be through with docks after all, seeing as one wasn’t released with the iPhone 5. This new patent shows how future iOS device packaging could actually be used, itself, as a dock. The packaging could be sized to hold almost any different device.

This to me sounds like a great idea, though I am skeptical of its functionality until I can try it myself. Third parties are taking advantage (or, are going to) of the situation of no official iPhone 5 dock and have been showing off some of their own. I’m excited to see if this materializes.

What do you think? Would you be interested in such a thing? Wondering if this will ever come to light? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppAdvice, Patently Apple

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