New iPad mini ad targets magazine lovers

Say what you will about Apple, but you can’t deny that the company has a talent for aesthetics. Its products look great, its retail stores are expertly designed to highlight those products, and even something as simple as a print ad manages to speak volumes.

A new iPad mini ad appearing in the newest issue of Time Magazine couldn’t be more simple, and yet couldn’t be more perfect. It appears on the back cover of the magazine, and features a full-sized image of the iPad mini (which only takes up a fraction of the page) with a reproduction of the magazine’s front cover on the 7.9-inch screen.¬†Without saying anything, this ad explains just how portable and enjoyable it is to read your favorite full-color magazines on Apple’s latest toy. Very cool.

What do you guys think of Apple’s latest print campaign for the iPad mini? Sound off in the comments section below or on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: Cult of Mac (via: Reddit)

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