My mobile phone history, and what the iPhone still needs to become my perfect device [Editorial]

Today, myself and the rest of the TiP crew began reminiscing about our history with Apple devices, and it got me thinking about how I was finally led to my iPhone 4S. Now, I love history, and I love phones, so I figured I’d take some time to tell you about my phone history, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to share yours with me. Now, unlike most history lessons, this won’t be long and boring, because I’ve only been using mobile phones for around 6 years. (I’m now 17). That being said, let’s get started!

I’d been exposed to technology and brought up around it from a very early age, but my parents didn’t deem it necessary for me to own a mobile phone until I started secondary school aged 11… And boy, did they come up trumps.

Nokia 3310

The first phone I ever owned. This device will always hold a special place in my heart, indeed, it’s already a legend in the mobile community, being widely regarded as the Chuck Norris of mobile phones.

This phone was magnificent  for so many different reasons. From the never-ending battery, to the 2 way direction arrows, this phone oozed style and practicality back in the day. Some of my favourite features included Snake, a highly addictive game that’s still incredibly prominent today. It had the classic monophonic “Sk8er boi” ringtone, and if that wasn’t good enough, it had a composer so you could create your own!

I used this phone to death, quite literally, which brings me to the end of this particular phone’s life span. You see, what I’m about to tell you puts me into a very small group of people. That is, people who have managed to break the Nokia 3310… I can’t even remember how I did it, I just remember that the screen broke beyond recognition, leaking fluid that was probably toxic all over the glass. This phone served me well, until I killed it, for that I am truly sorry. Now I own an iPhone, I would love to see a future iPhone ship with the kind of reliability and battery life that this thing boasted, imagine if you could use your iPhone for one week without charging it? One down.

ZTE F866

Following the death of my Nokia, I moved away from black and white screens and monophonic ringtones into the future, with this, the ZTE F866!

Exclusive to UK carrier 3, this phone was actually remarkable. As you can see, the styling is pretty unique, and it had some incredible features for it’s time. For instance, the camera rotated, so that you could use it as a front-facing or a rear-facing camera, how cool is that? This phone was capable of video calls, television viewing and more! It came with the classic, chunky aerial protruding from the top, which often brought with it some incredibly painful accidents involving me sitting on said aerial. One very cool feature was the screen on the very front of the phone that operated whilst it was closed, very nice… A lot of iPhone features actually appear in this earlier mobile, for example, video calling, which was in its earliest stages back then. This phone was great fun to use, and I loved it. Two down.

Sony Ericsson K850i

This was my first beast phone, you know, the kind of phone that had just come out and everybody wanted, for one day only, I was the cool kid in school.


I loved the styling of this phone, and I’d always been enticed by the Cyber-shot brand. Admittedly, the buttons were a little fiddly to use, and this phone didn’t stand up to wear and tear quite as well as my previous phones, but it was still freaking awesome. This phone has some great features, such as expandable memory and capacitive touch buttons just below the screen, really advanced stuff for the time. There was also fun stuff like the “Flash to full charge feature” which was useful for blinding people momentarily, when you’re 13, that’s hilarious. I perhaps remember this phone most because of how I acquired it. I swaggered into my local T-Mobile store, and there, stood behind the counter, was Cam Bunton, now Managing Editor of Today’s iPhone. He in fact owned one of these phones at the time, and complimented me on my fine choice of phone. Small world.

I thought the blue/green accents available on the phone were really cool, and they certainly enhanced the phone’s aesthetic design a great deal, I’d love to see something similar on an iPhone of the future. Not a solid color, but perhaps a subtle accent that just adds a little more individuality to the phone. Three down.

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Oh dear. When I first received my BlackBerry for my birthday, I was ecstatic. I’d chosen the phone myself, and I was ready to begin another journey with my new phone. How wrong I was. Despite some of the Blackberry’s excellent features, such as the physical keyboard, BBM and… okay, well those are the only cool features, I was constantly left angered by stupid bugs and problems that just made it impossible to enjoy this phone.

When the time came for me to upgrade, I couldn’t wait to be rid of this wretched thing. Everything that hadn’t worked in the beginning was still just as useless, and everything that had worked, was now broken. 4 down.

iPhone 4

Having finally found an affordable route into the iPhone world, I grabbed the chance with both hands, and I haven’t looked back since. The iPhone 4 was everything I’d hoped it would be, and then some. I was never met with a problem, bug, design flaw or breakdown. It really was a revolution. I went with white, just because I preferred white at the time, and I still do, I just think black is a little dull.

I’m sure you’re not hear to listen to me rabbit on about the iPhone 4. So I’ll leave it at that…

iPhone 4S

Okay, maybe not, because I recently purchased a 4S from a friend who bought an iPhone 5. Sadly, I can’t make that upgrade quite yet, but rest assured the 4S is exactly the same as the 4, but better. It did take me a while to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, but in the end, I’m very glad I did, because this is by far the greatest mobile phone experience I have ever encountered.

But now the history is complete, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my past mobile phones, and I’d also love it if you shared some of your history with me. Be sure to leave a comment, and hit me up on Twitters @TiP_Stephen


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