Memoto Lifeblogging Camera smashes KickStarter target

There’s been a lot of interest from the online press surrounding the Memoto camera project on KickStarter. Essentially, it’s a camera that takes a photograph every couple of seconds to record your life as it happens, ensuring that you don’t forget anything. The actual camera itself is tiny, and links with an app to store your memories including your time and location for each image. It’s pretty neat, and is orientation independent and weather proof. Although part of me (irrationally) worries that people relying on this solely for memories will lose the ability to memorize things normally, I still think this could prove really useful, especially for people who struggle to remember things already. So, not only will it have some genuine medical uses, it’s also very cool.

With under 70 hours left on the KickStarter page, Memoto has smashed its target of $50,000 raised, and so far sits pretty on just over half a million dollars pledged by people keen to this come in to mass production. If you fancy pledging and getting one for yourself, head on over to the page and pledge. You can pledge anywhere between $1 and $5,000.


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  • Memototeam

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