Like many others, Jimmy Kimmel mocks iPad mini buyers [video]

Jimmy Kimmel’s certainly got a lot to say about new Apple devices in the past month or two. His most recent video pokes fun at early adopters of the iPad mini. Labeling them “suckers”, also going as far to say that anyone who stands in line for an iPad mini in New Jersey or New York City “should be punched in the throat”. I don’t for one second take it seriously, in fact, his mocking advert is actually quite funny. What do you make of it?

Via: CultofMac

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  • BrainRoopull

    That’s actually pretty close to how I see Apple mobile products…  I do give them props for bringing “touch friendliness” to smartphones, though.

  • KevinXC

    It was a little funny.  I do agree with his comment before the spoof though.  So many people without electricity and gas and people are lining up to waste their money on something that was already released.  Tsk tsk tsk go help out your communities people!

  • John Kakashi Powell

    This was accurate, annoying, funny and real. I vouch for Apple Computers all the way, but I cant say the same for the iPod and iPhone line up. I had an 80GB Classic, and since micro SD cards have entered my life, my iPod has gathered dust.