iZettle now available on EE

If you’ve never heard of iZettle, it’s essentially a mobile payment system that offers small businesses a cheap and easy way to accept payment from Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club and Mastercard. UK residents can head into an EE store with twenty of the queen’s English pounds, and walk out with an iZettle scanner, and start accepting card payments, with the only fee being a 2.75% commission per transaction. iZettle claims that the device is “safe” and “secure”, but if you aren’t happy using the scanner, then you can simply key in the details for the transaction. iZettle is the first of its type to be available in the UK, so if you live under the rule of the monarch, and you happen to run a small business, be sure to go to an EE store and check out the iZettle. It’s available for both iOS and Android too, so most of the smartphone owners who happen to own businesses can get some iZettle action.


Via: Engadget

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