iTunes Match went down today – adding to Apple’s long history of iCloud woes

When it comes to its cloud services, it seems Apple just can’t keep them up in the air for that long. Yesterday, iMessages and FaceTime had an outage. Today it’s iTunes Match. As you may have known already, we experienced a similar downtime at the end of October. In fact, it’s one in a long series of faults with Cupertino’s cloud service. Gizmodo has an interesting article detailing many of Apple’s issues. From Siri, through Documents in the Cloud, iTunes and others, it seems at one time or another, all of Apple’s cloud products have suffered from temperamental mood swings. In essence, this is nothing new, and will most likely be something that plagues us iCloud users for some time.

From my own personal standpoint, I rarely use my iCloud email, I use Spotify for music, and struggle to find a daily regular use for Siri. All in all, it’s fair to say that Apple has to work hard on its cloud reliability.

Via: Gizmodo

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  • Juice8O5

    Actually iCloud has been pretty reliable for me, yesterday (I guess today at 2am) was the first time iTunes Match had ever gone down for me, besides maybe the first day they released it.
    I didn’t really realized iMessage was down because iOS auto sends it as a text anyway. It was slightly annoying though when I noticed it