Is your Facebook app crashing?

Reports have just started popping up of Facebook’s iOS application crashing on launch. Apparently, it seems more consistent on devices running iOS 5.x, however it is still occurring on iOS 6.x. I just finished installing the iOS 6.1 beta, and have gotten this to happen once, however it is very hit or miss.

Is yours crashing? If so, what version of iOS are you running? Also if it isn’t, what version? Let us know in the comments, and let’s hope they can get this figured out.


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  • Adidas

    I have a 4s, Verizon running iOS 6.0. Mine kept crashing so I just shut down my iPhone and restarted and it was back and running. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not but mine kept crashing I restarted and now it works

  • dryver8

    With the 6.0.1 update it crashes every time on iPhone and iPad.

  • JaylenKing

    All my apps crash on my iPhone 4 ios 6.0.1 :/

  • Gustavo

    When the last update was released all of my apps no matter wich were crashing, I unlink Facebook and twitter from the notification center and turn off n on my phone, and it actually worked … Maybe u should try it …. Sorry for my gramma I’m from Mexico

  • Driftylew

    FB just started crashing on my new iPad yesterday running 6.0. On My iPhone 5 with 6.0 FB started crashing like crazy today. My dads origina ipad running whatever was out 6 mos ago is crashing FB too today.

  • Driftylew

    My new iPad and iPhone 5 both running iOS 6.0 both started crashing FB in the last day. The iPhone was really bad today. My dads original iPad running whatever the update was 6 mos ago was crashing today too.

  • m2guru

    My wife and I both have iPhone 5. FB crashes at launch consistently. Her’s has a notification in settings about the mentioned software update. Mine doesn’t.
    FB app is running on mine (6.0 10A405)

  • Huntsman07

    Not Crashing #iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1

  • m2guru

    Is iOS 6.0.1 what you have if you apply the wi-fi software update?

  • m2guru

    Incidentally, my belief is that it is related to an update to either Facebook user profile features or Facebook OAuth authentication, at Facebook’s web backend. In other words, one of their developers pushed some bad code to production. The problem very likely has nothing to do with the actual Facebook iPhone app.

  • Muzammil ali 123

    Ios6 is shit facebook crashes after 1 or 2 mins why apple is geting soo low…

  • JuanJohn

    iPhone 4 with iOS 6 and Facebook crashed every single time . I downgraded to iOS 5.1.1 jail broken. OMG SO MUCH BETTER. No Facebook crash

  • m2guru

    Upgrade to iOS 6.0.1. Remove and delete Facebook app from iTunes. Sync iPhone. Make sure to pick “don’t sync” when iTunes sees that you have FB app on your phone and not on your iTunes. Delete the FB app also from the iPhone screen where your icon is and sync again. When you’re sure you no longer have FB in you iTunes nor on your iPhone, go to FB on your web browser and change your privacy settings from what it is now to something else, like from Friends Only to Public. Save it. Logout. Log back in and change your privacy back to what it was before. Save it. Logout of FB. Now launch iTunes again, go to the App Store and get the FB app again. Install it and sync your iPhone again.
    Maybe not all of those steps are necessary but when my wife and I did that this morning on her iPhone 5, FB app was fixed!

  • Hdh

    Newest iPad one software

  • Orchardxo

    my iOS is 6.1.2?

  • ChuckAlloway

    I have version 6.6

  • Phyllis

    My iPhone has version 7.0.4 and Facebook crashes everytime! Facebook acts like it is opening and then I’m thrown out and back to the home screen. What’s the deal?