iPhone 5 supply finally catching up with demand

A report has been published over at Fortune this morning with some welcome news for prospective iPhone 5 owners. According to analyst, Walter Piecyk, supply and demand for the iPhone 5 are virtually “in balance”. The chart below shows the current waiting times for the 6th gen iPhone at carrier stores and direct from Apple.

In the States, if you order from any of the three official partners, the longest you’ll have to wait is 2 weeks. It’s a very different story at Apple’s online store, which still expects at least 3 weeks waiting time. Welcome news why? Mostly because all we’ve been hearing since the iPhone 5 is how hard the device is to build, and how Foxconn can’t keep up with Apple’s demands for quality or quantity.

If you want to ensure you get an iPhone 5 from an Apple store, you can – of course – use the reserve and collect service launched recently. If you order online between 10pm and 4am you can pick up the iPhone from your selected store the very next day.

The analyst also believes that the company will have no issue selling 47.5 million iPhones this quarter (1 million more than the prediction made yesterday).

Via: Fortune

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