iPad mini unboxing and first looks [VID + Gallery]

Cam takes a look at the brand new iPad mini in Slate/Black. The smaller Apple tablet was launched today, but not to the huge lines of previous launches. That said, it was the biggest rollout in recent years, with 34 countries getting the device on opening day. It has been criticized a lot for its price point, but on first impressions, it’s clearly an Apple device.

For the iPad mini, it’s all about the design and form factor. It’s light, slim and ultra-portable. It’s easy to hold in one hand, making it perfect for casual web browsing, reading iBooks or catching up on your social feeds. It’s not made to be a power-house media device, and it isn’t. It fills an Apple shaped gap that existed in the market and does it very well.

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  • Applefangirl

    FINALLY!!! Apple made a bigger phone! Oh wait.. LOL jk

  • davem

    LoL to the applefangirl….. But any who why doesn’t Applw include headsets with their iPads they do with their iPod/iPhone.

  • KyleFrost

    @davem Just another mystery to us consumers. A good question though.