iPad mini screen put under the microscope, compared with iPad 2 and 3

Repair Labs has recently put the iPad mini under the microscope, and compared it to the 4th generation iPad with Retina Display. Unsurprisingly, the iPad with Retina Display’s screen has pixels that are physically only 2/3rds the size of the iPad mini’s pixels. Compared to the iPad 2, however, the iPad mini doesn’t look so bad.

As you can see in the image above, the 4th generation iPad’s pixels are physically 1/2 the size of the iPad 2’s pixels, which is a significant difference from their size compared to the iPad mini’s. According to Repair Labs, however, the difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad mini’s pixel density is “negligible” to the naked eye.

The iPad mini has 162 ppi, which (fellow ppi freaks may remember) is very close to the original iPhone’s display, which had 165ppi. With the iPad mini being smaller than the original iPad, you probably won’t hold it quite so far from your face (meaning ppi is slightly more important), and I personally don’t want to go back to using a device that has the almost the same ppi as the original iPhone. The iPhone 4 was (and is) a sweet release of invisible-pixel goodness, and I sold my iPad 2 after a few months because the screen just looked like garbage compared to my iPhone.

Are you comfortable with using a display that falls a little behind the competitors to gain access to Apple’s superior ecosystem? Or, are you holding out for the iPad mini with Retina Display, come 2014-ish? Let us know in the comments!

Via: TechCrunch

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  • yangalex7

    I’m going to return my iPad mini because I can’t get over the screen quality, it really is a step down from all of their products despite the more portable factor.

  • smudlicko

    the advertisement says iPad 3 has a revolutionary display and its really big deal against iPad 2 and now there is iPad mini and nothing amazing just size but is it worth? when one year later maybe sooner there is gonna be second generation with better display for sure

  • I’d like to wait for the 2014 model instead.

  • Anon

    I received the mini as a present and at first really liked it.  However, the screen was a dealbreaker for me – I couldn’t stand the fuzzy text when browsing the web. I actually found it easier to read the same website on my 4S rather than the Mini, which was really disappointing.  I am planning to return it and check out some of the other small size tablets instead.

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