iPad mini component costs broken down – $188 in total – best value iDevice out there?

While the internet is abuzz with hype surrounding Apple’s tiny tablet, it’s not all great buzz. Much of it is negativity regarding its price point. Starting from $329, it is noticeably more costly than its Amazon and Google competition. But compared to its Apple-branded siblings, it’s placed right on the low scale of the spectrum. When you compare it to the $299 base-model iPod touch, that extra $30 gets you a whole lot more device, and the latest component cost breakdown would suggest the same.

In total, components for the iPad mini add up to a total of around $188. Now, obviously these costs don’t include Research & Development, marketing or shipping costs. So we don’t know for sure exactly what Apple makes on each device. Around $80 of the cost is the 7.9-inch display, which – although only half the resolution of Retina iPad screen – is still twice as expensive as the Retina display on the iPhone 5. These component costs were estimated by IHS, formerly known as iSuppli.

As a comparison, the iPhone 5 is estimated to cost around $199 (for the base model). SIM-free, the cost is likely to be around the $649 mark to the consumer, whereas the iPad mini sits at the $329. It doesn’t take much logic to realize how much better value for money is on the smaller iPad. Tim Cook himself stated that Apple expects profits to go down next year as the mini doesn’t make the same level of profit as any of the other iDevices.

iPhone 5 cost breakdown below:



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  • DarrenButz

    This just shows how ridiculously priced Apple stuff is though. Amazon takes a loss selling the Kindle Fire at the price they do. I’m not saying Apple’s products aren’t worth what they sell them for, cause you get what you pay for. But in the case of mini tablets, I’d still go with the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire over the iPad Mini.

  • william2a1000

    The Mini iPad isn’t the only new tablet released this week,  the Novo 7 Flame 32GB also just launched which offers a pretty impressive 7 Inch Android tablet priced at $189 at a site called TabletSprint — with a 1280×800 High Resolution screen, 2nd Gen Dual Core CPU, 32GB Memory, MicroSD portable storage, an HDMI connection to your TV with full 1080p (HD) that’s great for movie downloads, a 5 megapixel Rear Camera with AF & Flash and a 2 MP webcam; Plus great connection – Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, and an option for 3G. The tablet is made by Ainol Electronics, which received a “Best Tablet of the Year” award at CNET Consumer Electronics Show 2012 – Two other models are also being released and both are 10-inch tablets with high resolution screens; one offers most features as above, with a Dual Core CPU and a 1280×800 display for $220; and a similar model that features a powerful Quad Core with a stunning 1920×1200 Liquid Crystal display (like Apple’s Retina screen) for around $269. All offer a pretty nice specs-price ratio and one of the first online sites to offer this new line of tablets is TabletSprint – which also features a few tablets with 3G built-in as well.

  • rtomyj

    @DarrenButz Amazon makes money through Amazon.com. Google makes money through selling and sometimes stealing info. Apple makes money through hardware. It’s not going to change.

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