iPad 4 graphics benchmarks are in – Nexus 10 smoked

Early graphics performance benchmarks are in, and it seems the iPad 4 is way ahead of its competition with its processing ability. That A6X chip sure packs a punch. In virtually all the various tests, the 4th gen iPad beat everything else on the market with ease. In fact, its nearest competitor is its predecessor, the “new iPad”. The nearest Android-powered rivals are the two newest Nexus devices: the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. Devices like the Tegra equipped One X, Exynos powered Galaxy SIII and “Intel Inside” Motorola RAZR i are left way behind.

To check out the full breakdown of results including all the different graphical tests, head on over to PhoneArena, where they have collated a comprehensive gallery of results.

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  • KyleFrost

    I slightly chuckled at how the iPhone 5 beat the Nexus 10.

  • Bratty

    @KyleFrost But Android is open source…amd quad core….and widgets…..and quad core is faster because i know 4 is more than 2…..and….I dont know I am just going by what I read on other blogs.
    //// yes, its a good chuckle.

  • retakingdullest

    This is pointless because the proper software has not been released yet for the Nexus 10 and 4.

  • TiP_Stephen

    @retakingdullest Yes but once that is installed those devices will only be slower.

  • retakingdullest

    @TiP_Stephen  From what I understand (which isn’t much tbh) software has a lot to do with speeds and battery life and performance. So perhaps that when the update is actually finalized, the performance will be much better. I could be wrong, though. I’m still getting it in any case. :PI am very interested in seeing a side-by-side look at the iPad 4, the Nexus 10 and the Surface Pro.

  • AlexMWekell

    Android is still a better operating system and much less over priced.

  • gear_h34d_2012

    How about the Nexus 10 is rendering at a higher resolution. Run the two iPads at the Nexus 10’s resolution and tell me what happens. That’s what I thought.

  • Olu

    This is ridiculous. Every other reviews are saying Nexus 10 beats ipad 4 hands down on graphics and touch reactions. You must be kidding me with the above stats. Why can’t Apple users accept defeat when Apple is beaten must they must come up with fake data. Like I saw online that ipad mini is now being used on car dashboard as a new thing when blackberry playbook was even installed by Porsche last year.

  • puggsly

    @gear_h34d_2012 Well if you look at the offscreen benchmarks (meaning the resolution is not taken into account) the Nexus 10 gets destroyed. The iPad 3 is more than a match for it. Wakeup! Apple makes some great hardware. It doesn’t mean you have to switch from your beloved OS, just understand why some of the Apple products are more expensive.

  • puggsly

    @Olu Give us links. These are the tools that have been being used for years. I also saw a comparison between the Nexus 10, iPad 3 and Surface that put the iPad 3 on top for web benchmarks. Don’t trust this site, read from a pro Android site:

  • tcb4

    @puggsly  @gear_h34d_2012 Apple actually doesn’t make the gpu. it’s a company called power vr. Also the ipad may beat the nexus in graphical performance, but it seems to fall behind in the cpu portion. For example look at the geek bench scores. I don’t really put faith into the browser based benchmarks as they are just that, A test of the browser.  Apple products are more expensive because they can be. they will charge whatever people are willing to pay for them.

  • tcb4

    @puggsly  @Olu This is hardly a final conclusion. The nexus 10 is running a version of android that is not yet finished and I highly doubt the apps are optimized for it. I’m not saying that its graphical benchmarks will improve greatly, but it may improve.

  • tcb4

    @TiP_Stephen  @retakingdullest Is this a joke? the last stage of os development is optimizing the software. benchmarks will most likely improve, maybe no greatly, but they will improve.

  • tcb4

    @KyleFrost I chuckled slightly that you said that while it’s running un-optimized software at about 2x the number of vertical and horizontal lines.

  • puggsly

    @tcb4  @gear_h34d_2012 The only benchmark I saw the Nexus beat the iPad on was a Google benchmark. As for browser benchmarks not mattering? I guess that would be if you don’t care about real world performance. Benchmarks are just that. A guideline for expected performance, but people can artificially enhance those benchmarks. Browser and Game tests show you what you really get when using the product.
    Also, Apple uses a reference design from ARM and PowerVR to make it’s A6 chip. But even if it had nothing to do with the design of the CPU/GPU, the combination of components they put together along with iOS 6 makes a product that performs dramatically faster than the nexus 10 in both real world and benchmark testing. Enough said!
    If you would like to link to some GeekBench scores, I’d be interested to see them, but I would say that GPU speeds are probably as or more telling on these tablets that sport such ultra high resolution screens. Just ask iPad 3 users who saw very little speed benefit over the iPad 2 even with the dramatic increase in GPU performance.

  • tcb4

    @puggsly  @gear_h34d_2012 http://www.zdnet.com/google-nexus-10-review-7000006821/
    As you can see here and here 
    that the
     Optimus g out perfoms the nexus 4 at nearly the same resolution. This is hope that it is software optimization and not just lack luster hardware. 
    You could crunch some numbers and figure out the potential the nexus 10 has to improve all things software being equal.
    I wrote this on a separate article, but it may be relevant here as well. I’m just pointing out the fact that the nexus 4 performs much worse than it should. Now the question is can it be applied to the nexus 10. so if you look at the percentages the nexus 10 has the potential to get a 38 at its native resolution. Given I have nothing to back me up on that. I will hold all judgement unto which one performs better until it is actually released to the public.

  • tcb4

    @puggsly  @gear_h34d_2012 http://www.cultofmac.com/198817/4th-gen-ipads-a6x-processor-makes-it-more-than-twice-as-fast-as-its-predecessor/screen-shot-2012-10-30-at-11-31-54/ Ipad 4 geek bench

  • pizza

    If you have to draw 1 dot or 100 dots, which one do you think will go faster?
    The Nexus 10 has almost 1 million dots more than the Ipad4.
    You are comparing apples to pizzas.
    I like pizza.

  • NagyPeter

    But in CPU performance Nexus 10 smoked ipad 4…

  • Ben

    They forgo to mention the galaxy note 2. As i saw on, http://tellmenews.com/questions-posed-on-apple-ipad-4-powertrain-is-a6x-faster-than-galaxy-note-2s-exynos/174757/jim-kline
    And on, http://www.popherald.com/20121106_galaxy_note_2_ipad_processor_price-20564
    All show the galaxy note 2 performance is actually better yhen the ipad 4