iMac teardown hits the web

I’ve always found it incredibly unfair that whilst us ordinary folk are still waiting for our Apple products to arrive, there are people in the tech world who are already taking them apart, just so we can see what’s inside. A teardown of the latest iMac was inevitable, and it’s finally here. The dismantling was conducted by Japanese bloggers Kodawarsian, with some pretty interesting results.

The iMac in for the chop was the i5 2.9GHz 21.5 in model.

Taking out the screen made for an interesting find, as you can see, the logic board is no longer a standard rectangle, instead it features a cut out to make space use a bit more efficient. Overall, the “surgeon” found that this iMac feature significantly fewer parts than previous models. Not only does this mean more space, or a smaller form factor, it also means that there’s less to go wrong, making the new iMacs more reliable than ever. For a full gallery of the pictures, click here, in the meantime, I guess you’ll just have to sit tight until yours arrives…


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