If you didn’t have an iPhone, which new device would you use? [Poll]

Since you’re here reading an iOS blog, I’m going to assume that you own an iPhone. With that in mind, I was curious to find out which of the iPhone’s latest competitors was most enticing to you. Is the Droid DNA’s massive 1080p display appealing, or would you give the Windows Phone devices a try?


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  • JacobHeinzBartDupuy

    Gs3 FTW until march 2013 then gs4

  • lean6rtj2

    This one wasnt even close. I finally got my G-Note 2, after killing time with the S3, iPhone 5, and the S3 again. My God this phone is sweet!

  • MacroStuff

    I love the iPhone 5, but I also love Windows Phone 8!  Would definitely go with the Lumia 920 if not the iPhone.

  • DrewPage

    I would not go with android from my iPhone 5, so wp8 it is, and the lumia 920 has some great included apps like Nokia Drive navigation.

  • DannyDonkt

    It’s funny how the most popular answer is a phone w/ the biggest screen…

  • DrewPage

    I wondered about that too. I would not go with the Note II personally…

  • lean6rtj2

    @DannyDonkt. I thought that I was just taking a break from the iPhone when I went to the S3.I got an iPhone 5 on pre order and was a little bored. Cashed in on Apple’s short stock and went back to the S3 until the G-Note 2 came out. Can’t imagine going back to what iPhone is right now. Hopefully they’ll reinvent themselves here soon. IPad scratches my Apple itch for now.

  • RaduTanasescu

    People chose the note ii because these genuis editors didn’t include the most popular device after the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S III.
    I want to stick to my iPhone, but I wouldn’t mind trying out the S III. Why oh why was it not include in the poll?
    And you call yourself a tech blog.

  • RaduTanasescu

    People wanted to choose the Galaxy S III, but for some strange reason the second most popular smartphone didn’t make it on the list. Good thing we have 3 motorola devices that no one uses.