Huge $1.5M shipment of iPad minis stolen from JFK airport

New York Post is reporting this morning that a 3,600 shipment of iPad minis has been stolen in a Goodfellas-style job. Apparently, the huge $1.5 million theft was carried out by only two guys just before midnight on Monday. The thieves used an airport forklift truck to load two pallets of iPads in to their truck, and would have taken more had they not raised the suspicions of an airport worker on dinner break.

The police are still investigating the theft, but highly suspect an inside job. Airport workers are being questioned, with three of them being forced to take lie-detector tests. It is believed that someone from the airport let the crooks in to grab the shipment of iPads.

We’ll keep an eye on this story to see how it develops further.

Via: NYPost

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