How to fix your iPhone 5 WiFi woes

Many users have expressed concern regarding the iPhone 5’s WiFi connectivity issues, and Gizmodo has reportedly found a fix for this problem.

Multiple iPhone 5 users have reported having a full WiFi signal on an iPhone 4S, and almost no signal on an iPhone 5, while both are on the same WiFi connection. There have also been iPhone 5, 4S, and 4 users who have reported that their WiFi connection tends to drop, and their phone eats through their 3G data while they unknowingly watch YouTube clips (this has happened to me dozens of times since the iOS 6 update, but no longer happens on 6.0.1).

According to Lia, a Gizmodo reader, the network security settings may be the main issue. Apparently, the iPhone 5 responds much more smoothly to a WEP connection than it does to a (much more secure) WPA / WPA2 connection. Gizmodo writer Kyle Wagner has laid out helpful instructions in order to convert your router to WEP security, and provide a temporary fix for your iPhone 5’s WiFi woes until Apple gets their act together (or completely ignores it and slyly fixes it in the next model without mentioning it – I’m looking at you, iPhone 4 antenna.)

The switch to your router is relatively simple. You’ll need to access your Router gateway, which should be easily found through Google. For example, most Linksys routers are, while Western Digital routers can be accessed by simply typing “wprouter” into your URL bar.

From there, just go to the Wireless and Security options, select WEP instead of WPA, and enter your new password.

I have been considering switching my connection over to WEP because I have other products that will only work on WEP (Nintendo DS games), but I’m a little nervous about the lack of security. Are any of you guys having WiFi issues with your shiny new iPhone 5? Let us know if this fixes your problem in the comments!

Via: Gizmodo

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  • BradStephens

    My phone works great no problems I have an air port extreme works better than my old netgear but its pricey

  • WiFuMaster

    You’re a fool to downgrade the WiFi security to WEP. This advice is negligent.

  • N13


  • N13

    Yeah no this did not work for me. I turned off encryption and had the same problem.
    I also tested the 5 in cafes, malls, and cafes – the iphone 4 and the laptop and the iPad would all show 20 different wifi networks around me. The iphone 5 would show either none, or one if I stood right next to the router. I reset the network settings, reinstalled ios 6.1, and finally returned the phone. Waiting for a replacement. There are plenty of people who have no issues with iphone 5 wifi at all
    I think it is important to make a very clear distinction between iphone 5 connectivity problems, and ios 6 connectivity problems.

  • howwow

    I would not trade a more secure wifi network just to get a connection, which by the way my iPhone 5 also has problem connecting to both my home and work wifi. Anyway, for now, it may be troublesome, but ALL I need to get a prolong and stable wifi connection is to shut off/down the phone and turn it back on again

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  • Latino

    I have an iphone 4s and its wifi was working perfectly until I upgraded to IOS 6.01 version. Since then it does all sort of random anomalies: wifi greyed out, keeps searching for networks endlessly, connects fine randomly in my home wifi, etc. I tried so many things that I read in so many sites and still the same. I got it working for one full day switching wap 2 to just wap. But then… It continues to misbehave. I never saved my ShSh blobs so I cant downgrade to IOS 5. So I am stuck with a useless wifi until apple fixes this. I just want to say that this has been a huge disappointment as an apple fan as I buy only apple because it works! And to have issues with something soooooo basic as wifi seems like the beginning of the end of apple as a ruling quality brand. I never thought I would find myself looking for other phone brands, but since yeaterday the search is on. I cant afford paying big bucks and not having my work tool. So blackberry and apple are off as options, maybe I’ll go back to Nokia or try Samsung. Well see.

  • Iphone 5 have this major issue, don;t know actually when Apple will reslve this problem. Till then you can resolve this by

  • saeed

    i have problem with iphone5 wifi. it shows antenna(on my saved network) but can not open any page or using internet. i have to restart my iphone and then it work correctly.

  • WEP user

    WEP makes no diff

  • Iphonesucks

    Holy shit! I didn’t realize there were people out there that actually bought the iPhone 5. Sorry to hear that, and good luck.

  • BigJess

    My wife and I both have an iPhone 5.  We have the same settings and she consistantly has one more bar of wifi reception than I do.  I can’t watch a youtube vid at my house.  This is a new problem (within the last 3 weeks)