How do you accessorize your iPhone? pt.1 – Protection [Editorial]

Over the next couple of days, I’m going to look at some of the most practical and exciting ways to accessorize your iPhone. As awesome as the iPhone is, obviously they’re all the same, except for choice of color, which isn’t massive. The plethora of accessories available for the iPhone offer a fantastic variety of solutions to customize your iPhone to your own liking, making it unique. This could entail adapting it to a specific need, or simply making your iPhone look cool. The market for iPhone accessories is as big as the market for the device itself, and many companies have thrived on producing accessories for the iPhone, such as big names like Griffin, Cygnett, Zagg and Incipio. In my first instalment, I’m going to focus on protecting your iPhone, because as we all know, the iPhone isn’t indestructible, and protection is incredibly important to many people, myself included. This topic is particularly interesting because there is such a huge range of protective gear available for your iPhone.

Screen protection

Nobody likes a scratched screen, a chip on the outer shell of a device isn’t so bad. But a chip or scratch on the display is something that you have to come to terms with every time you look at your phone. It’s safe to say that a screen protector is very high on the shopping list of new iPhone customers. Personally, I’ve only ever used one screen protector. It came with an early case that I snapped up for peanuts on Amazon. Nothing flash, just something to get me by. Somehow, I managed to apply the protector perfectly, and it didn’t trouble me again. I was particularly proud of my perfect application, until it came time to replace the wretched thing, and I found I couldn’t actually get it off. To solve the problem, I sold my iPhone 4 and bought a 4S, and I’m about to apply a new screen protector to this device. (Okay, so that’s not the only reason I had for selling it…) For me, I prefer a screen protector that can’t be seen, which is why I was so pleased with my last one, I never noticed it, but I’m sure that it saved my screen from scratching on several occasions. For others, there are anti-glare screen protectors, which somewhat dull your screen, leaving a matt finish. For some, the texture of this kind of screen protector is much more favourable to the touch. There are also mirrored screen protectors, which provide the user with a privacy bonus, because the screen becomes a mirror when viewed from certain angles. I know that Cam Bunton is disposed towards tempered glass screen protectors, which offer an authentic glass feel and fantastic protection, at the cost of a little added bulk, much like the Spigen GLAS.t, a full review of which can be found here. For the more hardcore user, there is also a huge range of tough screen protectors that can withstand the stress of drilling, belt-sanding and stabbing, if you’re just downright careless.


I’ve had my fair share of weird and wonderful cases. There’s a huge variety of case solutions to suit almost every need, so I’ll tell you a little of my case history. One of my earliest cases was the Kensington Capsule, a neat, minimalistic, two-part case that offered sturdy protection at an affordable price. As a budget case, it was fantastic, it didn’t add too much bulk to my phone, and it served me very well indeed.

Since then, I’ve moved on to the Incipio Stowaway. This is my current case, and one of my favourite cases ever. I love Incipio’s two tone design, and I’m also a big fan of the hybrid case setup, incorporating softer silicone with harder plastic to offer the best protection possible in a design that doesn’t triple the mass of your iPhone. This particular model also comes with a nifty pouch for stowing your credit card, but it’s also suitable for items such as train tickets, or just pieces of paper that you might need. This case offers superb protection, given my startling tendency to accidentally throw my iPhone everywhere, it’s had more than its fair share of opportunities to prove itself, and it has passed with flying colors. The added protection does come with some fairly substantial bulk, but I’m okay with that.

Another case I own is a model from the Cygnett ICON Art line, a case designed for aesthetic pleasure, not protection. My particular version features this cool temple design, but there are loads to choose from. The design hugs the iPhone fantastically, and the added bulk is minimal. Naturally, I’d be a little more concerned if I dropped my phone using this case, because the protection isn’t quite as good as some cases. I’ve found the design is really useful when it comes to starting conversations with women… sadly, owning this many iPhone accessories ensures it doesn’t go any further.

I’m about to try the iPaint Gel Skin case for my iPhone, a slightly more audacious solution. If you’ve never heard of it, the Gel Skin is a thick, plastic skin that is applied adhesively to your iPhone, front and back. The one I have lined up features a rather interesting monster design, and also promises a matching wallpaper to be found on the interweb, something I’m very excited about.

The beauty of iPhone cases, is that there’s such a huge variety, any need can be satisfied. If you’d like to wrap your iPhone in cotton wool so to speak, then you can buy an Otterbox, or a Griffin Warrior, and throw your iPhone off buildings for fun. But if you’d prefer a cool aesthetic design, then something along the lines of the ICON might be more up your street. If, like me, you want a substantial amount of protection which is also nice to look at, then there are plenty of options available. I’ve found that many of my friends prefer to keep the iPhone’s design on show, and so they look for a case that can bring them protection without obscuring the design, again, there are plenty of options available.

I’d love to hear how you protect your iPhone, so please leave a comment below telling us a little bit about your accessories. Even better, hit me up on Twitter @TiP_Stephen with a photo of your protection solutions!

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  • randomprice

    No more cases for me. I have at least 3 and they’re all sitting inside my drawers now. I’m doing this because I feel a bit stupid hiding such a beautiful design. And it’s great!
    I’m considering some skins though, will have to look around.