Here we go again: Rumors point to iPhone 5S, new iPad and “iTV” launch in early 2013

I hope you have your salt ready to pinch. The latest speculation coming from the rumor mill in Asia states that we can expect a new iPhone a new iPad and a TV set in the first half of next year. These rumors come from Taiwan-based Commercial Times, citing sources near the supply chain.

Sketchy translation from Google translate, via 9to5Mac:

Apple against Samsung quietly trial production, December edition iPhone (rumored iPhone5S) of 5 to 10 million units in the first trial production point of view, forecast massive shipment of the first quarter of next year. The industry pointed out that Apple’s new machine together, the new version of the iPhone, iPad and iTV in the first half of next year will be launched, including in low-priced products are also expected to debut, breaking Apple over the years, the practice of the year a new machine.

It’s fair to say, you should take these reports with a very healthy dose of skepticism. Just because Apple updated the iPad with Retina lineup to include a faster processor and a Lightning connector doesn’t mean it’s going to become a habit for the Cupertino-based company. Although competition is fierce from rivals (esp Samsung), I don’t see our favorite fruit company panic-releasing a new iPhone. It’s not the kind of knee-jerk reaction you’d expect from the iPhone makers.

What are your thoughts? How disappointed would you be with another new iPhone early next year? Sound off in the comments section or tweet me: @TiP_Cam

Via: 9to5Mac


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  • tjhassan

    If this is true, then there’s no point of buying any apple mobile devices, because when a new device comes out, you may as well wait six months for a new version. But then, when that newer version comes out, you better wait for the newerer version to come out, but when the newerer version comes out….you get the picture

  • Jscott

    Think this will be the last Apple phone i buy if this is the case.

  • Dimitri45

    I didn’t rush into the iPhone 5, figure the 5S is not soon after, considering the trend these days. But i am a little disappointed in apple not having a full touch screen iMac yet. Maybe dell doesn’t have them beat with quality and looks but come on, they have one running around…are we validating that galaxy commercial?

  • Shney

    It’s simple. Just do every other generation. So you’ll either be on the #’s or the #S’s. Plus most contracts are 2 years.

  • tjhassan

    I usually do and have no problem with that. I just hope the #S’ don’t come six months after the #’s are released, making a update every six months instead of every year. I doubt apple would go that route.