GTA: Vice City iOS trailer released, December 6 release date! [Video]

If you’re anything like me, then a significant chunk of your daylight hours has been spent playing Rockstar’s infamous series of Grand Theft Auto games. You were also probably ecstatic when Rockstar came out with GTA 3 on iOS and Android when the game’s 10 year anniversary came around. Well, you may or may not be aware that the next game in the series – GTA: Vice City – is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary, so to commemorate the occasion, it’s coming to our mobile devices.

If you’re now salivating at the thought of roaming around Vice City on your daily commute, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can download the game to iOS or (ahem) Android on December 6, for the reasonable price of $4.99.

Check out the trailer below for some nerdy nostalgia:


Via: Cult of Android


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