Get an iTunes gift card recently? Scan it using your camera in iTunes 11

iTunes 11 is out, and new features are beginning to be discovered. This one is just plain cool. You can now, to redeem iTunes gift cards, simply hold it up to your Mac’s FaceTime camera. I personally find this to be one of the coolest features I’ve seen. I’m tempted to go buy an iTunes card just to try it, but I will hold off until I actually need one. However, if you recently got an iTunes card, drop a comment down below on how the feature works and if you like it or not.

What do you think? Interested in the new feature? Is it just a gimmick or is it a good feature? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac

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  • NuriPazol

    I just did this a few moments ago and thought it was genius… even the visual feedback is good. When it’s confirmed, it’s green, when it’s rejected (because I wanted to take a screenshot, it’s highlighted red.

  • yuriniganu

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