Facebook for iOS gets 5.1 update with multiple photo sharing, new chat UI, gifts

Facebook has just released a substantial update to its iOS app, with a new messaging UI, multiple photo upload support, and gift implementation in the US.

Facebook’s iOS app seems to always be desperately in need of an update, but the distance between the mobile experience and the desktop experience is slowly closing, and this update has bridged some serious gaps. Here’s the official version 5.1 change-log from iTunes:

Now it’s easier to chat with your friends and share multiple photos.
• Swipe left anywhere in the app to quickly see who’s available and send a message
• Add friends you message most to the top of your Favorites
• Share multiple photos fast
• Give real gifts to your friends using Facebook Gifts (US-only)
• When sending messages, see who’s active so you and your friends know how soon to expect a reply

Some users are already reporting, however, that this update has caused strange bugs and locked them out of their accounts temporarily, but that almost always happens with Facebook app updates. If you’re having similar problems, the best thing to do is to delete the app, and reinstall it.

What do you guys think about this update? Do you see yourself actually using these features? Do you even use Facebook at all? Let us know in the comments!

Via: iTunes



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  • ebrown711

    all these high tech updates and you still cant share a post from facebook mobile….WOW