Eddy Cue trying to improve ‘troubled’ iOS Maps at full throttle

As soon as Apple released its in-house created ‘Maps’ in iOS 6, we all found out that the application could with a little a lot of TLC. Since then, Apple has been “racing” to fix the “troubled” app. In-fact, just yesterday, Apple executive Eddy Cue fired Richard Williamson, who oversaw iOS 6 Maps.

Cue has taken over several parts of iOS, including Maps and Siri since Scott Forstall – who refused to sign a public apology for iOS Maps – was fired.

Apple’s new boss of iOS Maps has already started to improve the software, putting the development team into full throttle and encouraging TomTom to help the wretched mapping system.


Via: Apple Insider

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  • jabombardier

    Still won’t top google maps.

  • Cameron Buchan

    Not soon. But when/if Apple perfects its 3D maps, it’ll be at the forefront of the next-generation of maps. That is providing that Google doesn’t release anything groundbreaking first.

  • jabombardier

    @Cbuchan you sir have it the nail on the head.