Disney CEO, Bob Iger purchases a cool $1 million in AAPL stock

Apple and Disney’s history has crossed junctions at a few different times over the past 30 years. Steve Jobs left Apple in the late 80s and started working with Pixar animation studios, which joined up with Disney to distribute its animated feature length movies. Eventually, Jobs negotiated a deal to sell Pixar to the Mickey Mouse inventors. More recently, Pixar named its main building in honor of Apple’s late co-founder. And now, Disney’s chief exec has bought $1M of Apple stock.

Although it may seem a bit surprising having seen AAPL worth plummet in the stock market since September, Bob Iger is clearly confident that with the holiday season and great products on the market, it won’t take long for Cupertino’s favorite tech company to regain the ground it’s lost in the past few months. Interestingly, it was Bob Iger who had negotiated with Steve Jobs once his predecessor left Disney HQ. It’s fair to say that the iPhone makers and Disney have an affinity and belief in one another.

Via: AppleInsider

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