Cool new Apple TV UI concept shows up [Gallery]

We’ve already seen one of The Verge‘s forum members sharing his idea of perfect iOS notifications and popups recently. Only a few days later, one member going by the name of “Knowledge” has shared his perfect way of watching TV shows, movies and the like. His vision was a result of frustration with the current system, run by cable companies:

I’m not a writer, designer, programmer, engineer, etc etc, just a guy with a vision, a man with the dream of paying only for content I want to watch — content that actually matters to me. When I set out to compile these ideas I thought it would be impossible for anyone to ever launch such a product because of the current monopolization by the cable companies, but rather than figure out a way around that I decided to come up with a product that would be my ideal product, the product of my dreams and probably many others regardless how impractical the politics and economics of the whole thing might be.

Although he wasn’t really interested in creating a brand new device, he did have a set of ideal hardware options that are realistically achievable by Apple. To clarify, this would be if Apple decided to release an actual TV set. These included HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, AirPlay (DLNA/Miracast), Optical Audio Out, FaceTime HD front facing camera, Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11 N + AC), 1080p resolution (minimum), possible 3D but would rather it wasn’t there, Thunderbolt connectivity for high speed, and large capacity hard drives and built-in DVR with 1TB storage, or cloud based storage.

On to the main focus of his concept: the user interface.

What do you think of his designs? Personally, I think he should be employed by Apple right away to make this happen.

Via: TheVerge

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