Chrome for iOS app updated: features Passbook compatibility

There was once a time where I was a Chrome evangelist. I loved it. Granted, at the time I had an iPhone, a Galaxy SIII and iCloud tabs were yet to be introduced in Safari, so it made opening up pages that I already had open in my phone tabs so much easier. Now, I tend not to use it so much. My Android device is no longer with me, and iCloud tabs do exist now. That said, Chrome for iOS has now been updated to include some great features. Chief of which is Passbook support.

This compatibility with Apple’s answer to Wallet means that you can open up boarding passes and tickets, then save them to Passbook. You can also open up web-based PDFs in third party apps. It also features some rather clever text encoding detection that reduces the likelihood of text throwing itself all over the place on the web page. If you have Chrome already, just update it through the App Store as usual. If not, search for it, and you will find it. It’s free.


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