Can’t wait for the new iMac to arrive? Try a $540 Chinese clone… or not

Dang, Chinese clone-makers are getting seriously good at copying Apple. Check out the computer above, designed and manufactured by “Mr. Hong”, it features a 21.5-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution display, 4GB RAM, i3 dual core processor and a 500GB hard drive. The processor can be upgraded to an i5 if desired, and you can order some solid state storage too.

If it wasn’t for the big “lavi” logo, running Windows 8 and having all the wrong ports and cables, this thing could almost convince you to cough up the $540 (3,350 yuan) that it’d cost to buy. That said, I doubt anyone in the UK could ever buy any product named “lavi”. (If you’re confused as to why, think ‘lavatory’ and you’re half way there. If you still don’t get it, there’s no hope for you.)

Check out the gallery below:

Via: CultofMac, M.I.C Gadget

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  • RaduTanasescu

    I’m surprised HP didn’t come up with this one.