Bring on the Lightning accessories as Griffin begins shipping PowerJolt charger

Finally. The Lightning accessory market is here. After almost 2 months of no (official) accessories from 3rd party manufacturers, Griffin has begun shipping its PowerJolt SE charger, compatible with any Lightning-sporting device. That’s right, folks. A Lightning accessory is shipping. Bring on the masses. I can’t wait for the plethora of accessories that are going to begin appearing over the next few months, if not weeks. Read the full press release below, and check out the source if you are interested in purchasing:

Nashville, Tenn. – November 16, 2012 –  Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, announces the availability of PowerJolt SE, their first Lightning accessory for Apple’s new 8-pin dock connector.   Griffin’s new PowerJolt SE is the first available product in Griffin’s new line of Lightning accessories. At $24.99, PowerJolt SE brings Lightning charging to the car at the most affordable price available on the market. To further the savings, Griffin is offering free UPS Ground shipping on the PowerJolt SE for an introductory period.

“With the Lightning connector, a smaller, reversible and faster connection for new iOS devices, Apple continues to break the mold with innovative technologies,” says Scott Naylor, Director of Product Development at Griffin Technology. “Our PowerJolt SE provides the convenience of on-the-go power to the millions of new iOS device users around the world who have been anxiously awaiting this solution.” 

PowerJolt SE provides an affordable, everyday solution for consumers looking to charge and protect their devices. Sporting a low-profile 12 volt accessory outlet and a powerful 10 watt charging circuit, the PowerJolt SE charges new iOS devices quickly and safely.  A durable coiled cable with Apple’s Lightning connector stretches up to 4 feet and an LED power indicator light glows white when the PowerJolt SE is properly connected and ready to charge. With its built-in, self-resetting SmartFuse, PowerJolt SE guards against power fluctuations as it charges. 

Griffin’s new PowerJolt SE with Lightning connector can be purchased immediately at

I personally can not wait to see what some companies come up with. I also hope that cheaper Lightning cables become of this, as Apple’s is overpriced. What do you think? Are you buying one of these? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle. Buy this here: Griffin.

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  • BillThomas

    I got mine last Wednesday!!!