Awesome iOS concept shows redesigned notifications and UI

A very well put together post showed up on The Verge‘s forums a couple of days back showing some redesigned iOS concepts. Instead of the usual legacy popups and skeuomorphic designs inside iOS, the developer has thought a little more like Jony Ive, and a lot less Forstally. But enough of that, and on to something that’s needed improvement since day one: Notifications.

Despite the reinvention of iOS notifications with the 5th version of our favorite platform, we still had the option to choose the hideous, unintuitive blue popup that existed in iPhone OS 1. It looked like this:

Unlike the new banners, lock screen notifiers and Notification Center drop down menu, there’s no app icon to tell you which app is trying to get your attention. And, it’s still ugly and blue. Doesn’t exactly fit in with iOS’ classy overall finish anymore. So, “Sentry” came up with something much more “Sir Jony”:

It matches the current Banner system perfectly, is much cleaner and shows the app icon to let you know what you’re reading. I love it. You can even compose a message reply within the notification window, by tapping the compose icon:

That way, we wouldn’t have to exit whatever we’re working on to reply to a tweet, message or any other form of communication. Again: awesome.

Now, the other annoying issue with blue popups is that when a specific program is trying to access your photos, contacts or use your location, they still show up. So, what if they appeared like this:


Overall, it adds a much more integrated and intuitive feel and doesn’t disturb the user anywhere near as much as the current blue popup does. Possibly the best piece of news however, is an update a the post that featured on The Verge‘s news article regarding the forum post:

And lastly (the *real* update :p), I want to let everyone know that (like the switcher concept) a developer and I are currently working on turning this into reality via a jailbreak tweak. :) Stay tuned!” 

Until now, I had no intention of jailbreaking my iPhone again. I think I’ve been convinced to rejoin “the dark side”.

Via: TheVerge

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  • RaduTanasescu

    A lot rests on Jony Ives’s shoulders.

  • Talha

    Umm, MIUI has had the “drop down” notifications for a long time, just sayin’.

  • faizanshakyboy

    Looks like shit. People complain now about the banners covering up buttons, imagine this! This takes up a third of the screen. And I do not want apps randomly splitting for system events

  • Some random

    I love this feature on my s3 it would make a good edition to the iphone

  • Jellotime91

    I don’t see the point of the new popups being at the top of the screen. You can’t continue to use the app underneath it, really. I like the new design they’ve done, it’s very nice, but why put the alerts at the top? It makes no sense and it’s actually visually quite jarring to me. 
    Here’s what I’d like – a button on the far-right to interact with a notification, which opens the alert. This will show you the full notification and allow you to reply directly or what have you. I would never want these huge ass boxes to cover 1/3rd of my screen whenever I get a text, sorry.

  • Jellotime91

    Also I REALLY like what they did with the multitasking tray shortcuts and widgets. I don’t think the app preview crap is necessary because you can’t really see anything, but the extra widgets and settings are amazing.