Automatic photo sync to Facebook from your iPhone coming soon?

It seems like Facebook is keen to exploit its users tendencies to upload every single blurry photo of nights out in various night clubs or at parties, that all look the same. (I know I’m bitter, I hate Facebook for that reason alone.) In a move that looks like my absolute worst nightmare, Zuckerburg’s company is now testing automatic uploads from the iOS app. It’s more than likely that this will make it public soon, and move away from the testing stage. Which means I’ll have to choose to hide virtually everyone from my news feed. The joys. Rendering the Facebook experience completely useless.

Anyway, if you want to try it out and see if the testing option is open to you, go to the Photos part of the Facebook app for iOS in the sidebar. Scroll down, and if you find a Photo Sync option, select it and it’ll start working immediately. (Side note: if I know you, please don’t select it.)

Via: TechCrunch

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  • I don’t get how some people would want every photo they take to automatically go up on Facebook. I may be a heavy social media compared to my friends, but I don’t see this being something I would want to do.