Ask Me Anything – Quiz Cam is back! [VID]

Quiz Cam is back! It was sadly cut short by a viral infection that lasted way too long. Ask me anything in the comments and I’ll respond in a later video. If 50 people ask me 50 unique questions, I’ll introduce the next in the series with a Macarena dance, dressed as Batman.

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  • levimills

    How do you feel about your new nickname, ‘Camsung’?

  • Lesbian

    Why are you still working here?

  • MaeganBabcock

    How long have you had a Batman costume?

  • parky190

    What number am I thinking of?

  • AasiaAnwarKhan

    How is it my dragon is stuck in the breeding cave now for a week (dragon vale). Getting no help from any one u say u can answer it all ps… I phone 4s

  • Asimbasana Squashbanana

    What is the bird in the snow?