As iPad mini launches in UK/Europe, videos of international launches emerge [videos]

The iPad mini went on sale in the UK just over an hour ago, and – if MacWorld UK’s report from last night is anything to go by – it’s as far from the hype of an iPhone 5 launch as you can get. In Covent Garden there was only one person waiting for the store to open this morning. Apple’s smaller tablet was always going to attract a smaller market, so that’s completely understandable. And – to be honest – who wants to wait outside in the cold and wet all night? I know I don’t.

With that said, launches worldwide have been pretty popular. Videos of Apple stores opening doors in Hong Kong, Japan and Australia have all been published, suggesting that the 7.9″ tablet hasn’t quashed interest in Cupertino’s tablets just yet.

Hong Kong

Tokyo, Japan

Seoul, Korea

Sidney, Australia

Via: Fortune

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