Apple’s second attempt to patent iPad’s design in Russia doesn’t land

Apple has been trying to patent its iPad design in Russia for the past two years, but the Russian Patent Office (Rospatent) refused to grant the patent to the Cupertino business back in April. Apple then appealed to the Russian Chamber for Patent Disputes, who then rejected the appeal.

The problem lies with the content of Apple’s patent schematic, which simply shows a tablet with rounded edges and a button under a screen, which lies on a flat glass front. Rospatent believes this is “traditional for modern communication devices” and “Inconspicuous differences in dimensions, screen size, and buttons layout are not essential distinction criteria.”

Rospatent thinks that the schematic has no original design features, and has proved to be far less pro-Apple than the US, that immediately handed the patent over to the world’s most valuable company.


Via: The Next Web

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  • SonyaKm

    ►Suing Someone You Stole the Design from To Begin With !!
    SEE how Apple ripped off Samsung smartphone F700. See Samsung Prototype Pictures! —►Google””Samsung Reveals its Pre-iPhone Concepts: 10 Touchscreen Devices”

  • SonyaKm

    Apple even  lost to a small Spanish company over this fraudulent design patent claim last year. what make this crApple think that they can win with Samsung? lol

  • SonyaKm

    SEE HOW APPLE STOLE iPAD from Samsung==>>Google► “2006 SAMSUNG Digital Photo Frame”–(Samsung had 5 Years earlier than Apple iPad) ►…
    iPad was a stolen design of Samsung’s “Digital Photo Frame” that unveiled in 2006 at the LAS VEGAS Electronic show(CES)-
    The”Digital Photo Frame” was given to a guest attendant-Steve Job as a gift by Samsung then 5 years later,a backstabber Steve Job bite the hand that feeds him.

  • SonyaKm

    Google► ” Behold Samsung’s “iPad” – Made in 2006 ” ,,,,, lol  5 years later, steve jobs came out with iPad .

  • SteelMachine

    @SonyaKm You have a problem with your opinions, you are a korean or a drama fanboy, so please try to be more real!…korean

  • aura777k

    @SteelMachine  @SonyaKm 
    It’s not my opinion you ignorant racist, it’s the FACT from news articles, the truth hurts huh? LOL

  • SteelMachine

    @aura777k  @SonyaKm 
    Yes in some alternative reality or a korean reality it’s true, but i live in the real world not in a parallel one like you. If you need to insult to express your opinion is because you are the ignorant here, go to school girl!.