Apple’s new 12W power adapter significantly faster than old 10W model [Video]

In its iPad mini event last Tuesday, Apple hardly shined the spotlight on its brand new 12W power adapter that is now available for many iOS devices. And with good reason, I mean, it’s not the most astounding new piece of technology, is it? Nevertheless, Insanely Great Mac has posted a video on YouTube showing the difference between the new charging device and its 10W brother, and found that the 12W model charged an iPad 30-45 minutes faster than the old model, revealing that Apple told the truth when it (briefly) announced the power adapter just over a week ago. One thing to note if you’re considering buying one of these for your iPod or iPhone though, and that’s that these devices will still only take 5W from the machine, leaving no difference in charging speed.

Check out the video below to see the test:

Via: 9to5Mac

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