Apple’s apology to Samsung rewritten – now appearing in UK newspapers near you

We’ve taken a keen interest in Apple’s lawsuits versus Samsung, in the UK and U.S. particularly. Although they were for different things, the UK Galaxy Tab lawsuit was always a little intriguing. Apple had skewed images to make the Tab look the same ratio as the iPad, despite the fact that in reality one was 16:9 and the other was.. an iPad. The judge in charge of the UK court threw the case out, and deemed that no one would confuse the two, and that Apple should formally apologize to the Korean tech firm and make it clear to UK consumers that the Samsung tablet isn’t a rip-off.

Initially, Apple’s response was about as far from an apology as a smack in the face. Needless to day, the judge wasn’t best pleased and ordered Apple to retract the statement and issue a correct and acceptable one in its place within 48 hours. Here’s the revised statement:

The good news for Samsung is that the judgement covers the entire European Union, so the company is free once more to sell its wares across the continent. Although there’s no “we’re sorry” anywhere in sight, it does stick to the judge’s commands much more than the first one did. It’ll be interesting to see if this has an affect on the European perception of Apple. It could sway the continent further towards the Samsung side when considering new tablets or smartphones.

Via: iMore, TNW

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  • MuhammadMarsh

    It’s nice to know that the UK legal system isn’t as easy on bs as the US courts.

  • TiP_Cam

    @MuhammadMarsh¬†It’s a different case. The judgement in the States was pretty much all against TouchWiz UI. Which – in fairness – did look almost exactly like iOS in its early days. None of the hardware design patents were found to have been infringed, exactly the same as in the UK.