Apple wins another patent fight against Samsung – this time for scrolling images

Fun fun fun! Who doesn’t enjoy a good lawsuit story? I know, me neither. Sadly, it is part and parcel of any Apple lover’s life these days. If Apple isn’t suing someone else, it’s being sued. Short version of this story: Apple wins, Samsung loses.

Slightly longer version: Apple and the Galaxy Makers have been embroiled in a patent suit in European battle regarding the way we interact with photos on our iDevices. More specifically: scrolling within the image gallery. Any Samsung device running Android 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 will have to be updated with a new method within the next 8 weeks. If not, Sammy will be forced to pay €100,000 per day in fines. (That’s around $130,000 USD.)

Via: SamMobile, PhoneArena

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  • BillThomas