Apple TVs crashing after software update?

If you have an Apple TV, and you haven’t yet updated to the most recent software version, you should probably give it a miss for now. There are several reports of the “hockey puck” crashing after installing the refreshed OS. In fact, the discussion thread over at Apple’s support forum is growing by the minute. Having installed the update, devices are simply showing a black screen on HDTVs, while the TV set-top box itself just shows a blinking light. Almost sounds like an Xbox “red ring of death issue”, except there’s an easy-ish fix.

According to a few, the only real workaround is to install an older version of software. Users downloaded an old 5.0.2 IPSW file and restored it using iTunes, manually. But, for those that have tried, it works. Our advice: wait until 5.1.1 before updating. Once Apple becomes aware of this issue, the boffins at Cupertino HQ will be working to get this resolved.

Via: AppleInsider


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