Apple to struggle with iPad mini supply until 2013?

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Apple’s ability to keep up with demand on its new products, especially the iPhone 5, which has only recently managed to get its shipping times down to less than a week. The new iMac launch has also been delayed because of supply. It seems the iPad mini is also very popular with holiday consumers as Cupertino is still struggling to get enough tiny tablets out of its factories. The main issue: LG and AU Optronics are having problems producing the quantity and quality of displays that Apple needs to catch up with demand.

Now, of course there has been a conspiracy theory that Apple doesn’t make enough products on purpose to heighten the sense of need within customers to order one, and make consumers think they’re rarer and harder to get hold than they actually are. Although an interesting theory, it makes no sense leading up to Christmas. I’m pretty sure Apple wants to sell as many of them as it can before demand dissipates. If DigiTimes’ information is correct, Apple could well be trying to catch up well in to next year. Apple set a target of 10 million units for this quarter, whereas the realistic total of minis shipped will more than likely be little over 6 million.

If you do want an iPad mini before Christmas, I’d not leave it any later than December 8th/9th as shipping times are still sitting at 2 weeks.

Via: BGR, DigiTimes

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