Apple selling refurbished products on eBay?

If a recent report is correct, Apple is secretly running its own shop on eBay in order to sell its refurbished products.

9to5Mac has been monitoring this page, and contacted eBay for more information. eBay alluded that the page is “a low profile Apple test site that could open to much bigger things”.

It seems suspicious that anyone other than Apple would be able to offer the following features:

  • Full one-year warranty
  • Returned to like-new condition
  • iPads/iPods include a new battery
  • Received complete burn-in testing
  • Original OS re-installed
  • Repackaged with manual and cable
  • Final quality inspection by Apple

The products are also priced the same across the board. Further, all items are listed as Buy-It-Now, so no auctions.

Do you think Apple is using eBay to reach people who already look for Apple products on eBay, rather than using the refurbished store on Is the company keeping it a secret so that people don’t try to find cheaper options before Apple’s official solution?

Check out the store here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: 9to5Mac

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