Apple Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 5 Units, Starting At $649

Just as we suspected yesterday, Apple has finally made the unlocked iPhone 5 available from its online store as of yesterday evening. The unlocked devices will fall in line with our anticipated price models beginning at $649, $749, and $849 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage, respectively. All three models are listed as shipping in one week.

There’s no word from Apple as to when their retail stores will begin carrying unlocked models for sale, though early reports indicate we could see inventory arrive as early as today. The unlocked models are GSM only, which is great for AT&T and T-Mobile customers in the US, but not so much for those of you on the Sprint and Verizon networks. Unlocked iPhone 5 devices are excellent pickups for international travelers who will use the device on GSM-based networks worldwide needing only to SIM swap to get up and running. While most countries get unlocked units right from the start, the US waits until sometime after the initial launch dies down. We can all thank the carriers for that.

You can grab your unlocked order in at the Apple link below right now!


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  • jabombardier

    Very ecstatic. Now i will wait for the refarm to hit the greater NY area, which hopefully is around the corner. Will purcgase one andchuck it in the drawer until then.