Apple now? New journal patent granted today resembles Google Now

The United States Patent and Trademark Office today granted Apple a patent numbered 8,316,046, which outlines an automatic journaling system for use with iOS.

As detailed in the patent, this automatic “journal event” system would leverage the iPhone’s GPS technology to create a memory of events such as photos, phone calls, web interactions, and more. The patent details that the device would “collect and store journal event data over a time span, the journal event data comprising data associated with a plurality of events, including a location and a timestamp of each event.”

The first thing that comes to my mind is Google Now, which is a predictive search technology that was unveiled with Android 4.1 back in June. Google Now remembers your search queries and tries to predict what you may be looking for, depending on when (and possibly where) you open it again. It also uses a system of cards that is automatically populated based on what you typically look for throughout your day.

Do you think Apple is trying to get a leg up on Google Now?

Let us know in the comment section!

Via: Engadget

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