Apple named “most innovative company” three years in a row

Booz & Co. has released its latest annual “most innovative company” survey results. Those surveyed were asked to pick their top 3 companies and – for the third year on the bounce – Apple has finished in top spot. Although many in the tech world see other companies as catching up with Cupertino, respondents are saying the opposite, as the fruit company’s lead has grown year-on-year. 70 percent of those who responded put Apple in their top 3. The nearest-placed company was Google with 43%, putting the search giants in the 3 most innovative firms. Some way behind, in third, was 3M (the adhesive firm) with only 15%. Those votes mean that not only is Apple the top-placed company three years in a row, but also, the top three is unchanged in the past three years.

The chart above shows company movements since 2010. Samsung is the most improved company jumping from 7th last year, to 4th this year. Amazon – most notably – makes its way in to the top 10 for the first time (most likely because of Kindle FR innovations, which have seen the company become a realistic force in the tablet market.)

Interestingly, research and development spending has no say in where the companies lie. In the top ten, the only company to spend less than Apple on R&D is 3M. Google spent a massive $5.2 billion while Samsung coughed up $9.0 billion making it the sixth most free spending company. Number 1 in spend: Toyota.

Do you think Apple is still innovative? What is the company’s most exciting innovation of the past year?

Via: Fortune, Strategy&, Formerly Booz & Company.


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  • facingscott

    Apple inovative? They have been rolling out the same products for the last 3 years, “ohh a smaller ipad, what an inovation!” Samsung should be way up there with developments like the Note II a tablet that trumps the ipad on all fronts