Apple has discussed ‘iTV’ with major US cable operators, but don’t expect the product just yet

The idea of an Apple TV set has been floating around the interwebs for years now, but almost no word of the device – coined the ‘iTV’ – has come directly from Apple. Well, today, reports have surfaced which state that Apple has been in talks with several major cable operators.

The news has come about from a research note by James Kisner from Jefferies & Co. However, the content of the note is essentially the same as a similar note made by Kisner last month. Because of Apple’s supposed talks with the cable companies Kisner suggests that the launch of the iTV is “imminent”.

Kisner doesn’t speak for everyone in the field, though, because AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski had this to say about the iTV speculation:

“If Apple were close to launching a new service, it would almost certainly be in touch with TV programmers about new arrangements, and we haven’t heard anything along those lines”

Apple’s meetings with cable operators doesn’t necessarily point to an Apple TV set, however. Apple could just as easily be working on an updated Apple TV that can handle live TV as well as its current features.


Via: Apple Insider

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  • KVKdragon

    I’d love it if apple TV could work separate TV channel providers so that iOS users could watch live TV via in-home wifi. That way many people could watch TV without needing more TVs

  • It will be good if iPad users can watch TV programs on their gadgets. They”ll be able to watch their favorite shows anywhere.