Apple handing out $2.5 billion to shareholders

For the second time in the past 17 years, Apple is about to hand over some of its excess cash to shareholders of the company. As part of its dividend program, Cupertino will be dolling out the second installment. In total, $2.5 billion will be paid out; $2.65 per share on 935 million shares.

This move is the second part of the plan announced by CEO, Tim Cook in March this year. Everyone in the media became interested in exactly what the huge company was going to do with its $100 billion plus lying in the bank account. Stating: “It’s clear to everyone that we have more cash than we need to run the business on a daily basis.” As the world’s most valuable company, and being debt-free, iDevices selling like hotcakes, Apple can’t seemingly do anything wrong right now.



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