Apple confirms retail store to open in Rio!

Apple is taking its worldwide presence further, with its first official retail foray in to South America. Our favorite company officially confirmed that it will be opening a store in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The market is one which Apple is keen to invest in. Consumer electronics are really starting to take off in the popular holiday destination and there’s never been a better time to take advantage.

“We look forward to the opening of the first Apple Store in Brazil, where we have longstanding customers and hope to win many more every day. We cannot wait to offer the unique Apple retail experience to the people of Rio de Janeiro and customers from across the entire region.”

There’s no information yet on when or exactly where the store will open. But, it’ll be exciting times for residents of Rio. Do you live in the area? What do you think about getting an official Apple store? Sound off below.

Via: CNET, TheNextWeb

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  • Tex2012

    Lets hope they go strict on the dress code there. NO BANANA HAMICS!!